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Phoenix Rising Dance Festival
November 4th, Saturday 9am-10:30am

Classic Lebanese Dance; It is NOT just sloppy Egyptian!
In this workshop we will explore the roots of Lebanese Belly Dance and examine how dancers in the US were first introduced to it, why that introduction shaped our perceptions of what this dance is and isn't and how it differs from other regional styles.
Participants will also study how Dabke and Jazz play a part in the formation fo the foundations of this style and how it is one of the only remaining dance flavors that retains a great many nuances held over from the Golden Era of Egyptian style belly dance.

We will cover individual dance vocabulary steps and a simple but meaningful Lebanese style choreography.

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Feb 7 thru 13th - Austin, Texas
Feb 27th thru March 13th - England and Scotland
March 16th thru18th - Rakkasah West
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